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Enterprise SOA

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Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2004
Kategoria: Informatyczne
ISBN: 978-0-13-146575-6
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Dodał/a książkę:Wojciech Polak
This book spells out guidelines and strategies for successfully using ServiceOriented Architecture (SOA) in large-scale projects. SOA represents the latestparadigm in distributed computing and middleware development. However,SOA is not a revolution, but rather an evolution in software architecture. SOAis a collection of best practice software construction principles accompanied byproven methodologies in development and project management.This book is unique in that it offers a pragmatic approach to the topic. Theauthors borrow from their more than forty years of collective enterpriseexperience, and offer a frank discussion of the challenges associated withadopting SOA. They also help readers ensure that their organization does notbecome too closely tied to a specific technology. The result is a detailedintroduction to the topic and an architectural blueprint for implementing SOA. "By delivering SAP's next-generation applications based on a Services-Oriented Architecture, SAP is at the forefront of making Web services work for the enterprise. The Enterprise Services Architecture enables unprecedented flexibility in business process deployment, allowing companies to execute and innovate end-to-end processes across departments and companies, with minimum disruption to other systems and existing IT investments. This strategy comes to life with SAP NetWeaver, which is the technological foundation of the Enterprise Services Architecture. It provides easy integration of people, information, and systems in heterogeneous IT environments and provides a future proof application platform. Enterprise SOA provides readers with the architectural blueprints and SOA-driven project management strategies that are required to successfully adopt SOA on an enterprise level."-Dr. Peter Graf, SVP Product Marketing, SAPThe SOA principles outlined in this book enable enterprises to leverage robust and proven middleware platforms, including CORBA, to build flexible and business-oriented service architectures. The authors also clearly describe the right strategies for using Model Driven Architecture (MDA) to manage SOA Service Repositories in a platform-independent way, enabling enterprises to better address the problem of heterogeneity at many levels. The Object Management Group was created just to address this central problem of integration in the face of constantly changing heterogeneity and platform churn, so I strongly recommend this book for the bookshelf of every enterprise architect and developer.-Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D. chairman and chief executive officer, Object Management Group, Inc.Enterprise SOA provides strategies that help large enterprises to increase the agility of their IT systems-one of the most pressing issues of contemporary IT. Covering both a business and architectural view, these strategies aim to promote the implementation of an IT infrastructure that can serve as a base for the development of truly flexible business processes. This book covers its subject with great profoundness based on real world evidence. It is in the interest of everybody involved with software architecture-particularly for anybody who intends to establish a Service-Oriented Architecture-to read this book.-Dr. Helge Heß, director Business Process Management, IDS Scheer AG"...The SOA principles described in this book are the foundation on which enterprises can build an IT architecture that will satisfy today's most important IT requirements-agility and flexibility-at affordable costs..."-Martin Frick, Head of IT, Winterthur GroupProviding the roadmap for delivering on the promise of Service-Oriented ArchitectureEnterprise SOA presents a complete roadmap for leveraging the principles of Service-Oriented Architectures to reduce cost and risk, improve efficiency and agility, and liberate your organization from the vagaries of changing technology.Benefit from the lessons of four enterprise-level SOA case studies from Credit Suisse, Halifax Bank of Scotland, and other world-class enterprises Make your business technology independent and manage infrastructure heterogeneity by focusing on architecture, not specific implementation techniques Recognize the technical and nontechnical success factors for SOA in the enterprise Define and communicate the economic value proposition of an SOA Apply pragmatic design principles to solve the problems of data and process integrity in an SOA environmentWhether you're a manager, architect, analyst, or developer, if you must drive greater value from IT services, Enterprise SOA will show you how-from start to finish.About the AuthorsDIRK KRAFZIG, KARL BANKE, and DIRK SLAMA have many years of experience in enterprise IT, including project management and distributed system design for large-scale projects. This book subsumes the knowledge of Service-Oriented Architectures that they have acquired since 1998, when they made their first steps toward this new architecture paradigm.About the Web SiteWeb site www.enterprise-soa.com, provides a variety of supplemental material, including: articles, examples, and additional case studies.Š Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.
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