Marilyn Monroe Complete Last Sitting 2571

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Data wydania: 1992
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ISBN: 978-3-88814-191-1
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Bert Stern, the famous American ad and fashion photographer of the sixties, was the last to have been granted a lengthy sitting with the star, six weeks before her death. During the course of the three-day sitting, which was arranged by Vogue and took place at the Los Angeles Bel-Air Hotel, nearly 2,700 shots were taken - fashion, portrait and nude studies - of which Vogue selected no more than twenty for publication. But these few photos have their fixed place in our memory of Marilyn and have linked the photographer's name forever with Marilyn Monroe. The result of these three days of work put in by the master photographer and the Hollywood actress, also the most gifted photo model of her day, were photographs that mark a climax in the history of star portrait, fashion and erotic photography. The photos project an indescribably sensuous and humane aura - an unparalleled photographic study, both qualitatively and quantitatively, of the woman and artist Marilyn Monroe at the apex of her competence and fame. 'The Complete Last Sitting', which has been out of print for some time, will be available once again in an unaltered new edition. Containing all the photographs taken at the sessions, it remains the greatest homage to Marilyn Monroe in book form. In his foreword, Bert Stern relates the planning and course of this unusual sitting which was to become a memorable and unrepeatable event for all involved - and especially for posterity.

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