Microbiology in Clinical Practice 3e

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Data wydania: 1999
Kategoria: Medycyna i zdrowie
ISBN: 978-0-7506-3110-5
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Those involved in the practical management of patients with suspected infection should be aided by this up-to-date, comprehensive and concise textbook. The approach integrates the clinical and microbiological aspects of infections, and includes those caused by all types of microbial agents, ranging from viruses and bacteria to worms. The main clinical features, causative organisms, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and prevention are discussed in each of the sections, which are arranged mainly by body system to reflect directly the situation encountered in clinical practice. Most general topics such as PUO, septicaemia and opportunistic infections are also covered. Introductory chapters deal with basic microbiology, use of the laboratory and principles of antimicrobial chemotherapy. The text for this third edition has been thoroughly revised and includes discussion of "new" diseases, emerging pathogens and antibiotics resistance. In particular, there is an additional chapter on molecular biology applications and an up-to-date review of AIDS. The antimicrobial drug sections of chapters now include important new antibiotics and other agents.

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