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International Business

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2005
Kategoria: Ekonomia
ISBN: 978-0-13-127676-5
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Introductory International Business courses with the need for a brief, accessible text.Lively, topical, and accessible, this text is written integrating culture early and often to enable students to grasp difficult conceptual material. The inclusion of numerous interesting and diverse examples of the intersection of business and culture motivates students to read and learn. This approach has made International Business the fastest growing international business book available today.Do students find this course abstract and difficult?  What do you do to try and enliven the material and pull them in?  Culture Early and Often – Wild highlights that culture is an inescapable element of all international business activities. This book presents culture early (Chapters 1 - 2) and integrates it throughout every chapter of the book. This is partly accomplished by starting each chapter with a culture-rich, intriguing opening company profile. (e.g. pp. 3-4, 49-50).- Presenting culture early & often fosters enthusiasm among students for chapter material and makes concepts relevant to the real world.OTHER POINTS OF DIFFERENCEDo your students find the competing arguments for and against globalization challenging to understand?NEW: Chapter 1 “Globalization.” The authors present the fundamental changes occurring in the globalization of both markets and production, the drivers behind globalization, and recent attempts to measure how “global” different nations are. Portions of the chapter are also devoted to the key players in international business today.  - Wild presents students with balanced coverage of the globalization debate that provides an informed perspective on the positions of both sides.  What role does research play in your course?  What are your expectations of your students?  Do you ask them to do work in groups? NEW Market Entry Strategy Simulation- This interactive simulation asks students to select a country for introducing a new product. The simulation, available in the text OneKey includes extensive research tools as well as templates for completing the four possible activities, which build one on another:  1. The Market Intelligence Report (MIR) is a structured learning experience for students to gather resources and assemble baseline market data to evaluate a prospective national market, including information on the nation and its government, economy, people, and technological status. 2. The Business Environment Analysis Report (BEAR) gives students the opportunity to analyze a selected country as a potential market. The group experience is designed for students to be able to complete in approximately 4-6 weeks. 3. The Report on Opportunities for Market Entry (ROME) asks students to identify potential import and export prospects for executives to undertake in their chosen county. The group experience is designed for students to be able to complete in approximately 6-8 weeks. 4. The Market Entry Strategy Assignment (MESA) is a critical and creative thinking exercise for students to develop a “Market Entry Strategy” for launching a new product in their chosen national market. The group experience is designed for students to complete over the course of a full semester. - Provides students with a realistic opportunity to research entering a global market with a product. - Provides instructors with a ready-to-go project for the semester. Do you find that information in your international business book becomes dated too quickly?New Web-based update available next year. Gives students a text that will remain up-to-date with the rapid changes occurring in international business.  All maps, data and cases will be updated in OneKey as appropriate by chapter January 2006. - More current information for your students. 

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