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"A clear and insightful look at why teaching must be conceived as constant learning about learning. The analysis of past failed reforms and the general conditions needed for success is well-stated and illuminating." ???Grant Wiggins Authentic Education Redesign classroom instruction to transform learning for both students and teachers! Breakthrough presents a revolutionary new approach to educational reform, breaking away from the conventional paradigm to help educators create focused instruction, transform the classroom experience, and dramatically raise???and sustain???performance levels for students and teachers alike. This book provides the breakthrough concepts needed for developing precise, validated, data-driven instruction personalized to each and every student. Synthesizing the best of current instructional models, this framework focuses on the components of the Triple P Breakthrough Model: Personalization???meaningful, student-centered classroom interactions; Precision???using formative assessments to monitor individual student progress; and Professional Learning???daily, ongoing learning for all educators.Helping educators create expert instructional systems while breaking through the "prescription trap," the authors introduce unique elements of the Breakthrough model, including: Improvement by design Assessment for learning Critical learning instructional paths Mapping instructional paths Smart use of data to drive instruction Locking in ongoing improvementBreakthrough establishes the tipping point for moving toward personalized, high-quality instruction and

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