Brief Counselling in Schools

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-1-4129-2401-6
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"Brief Counselling in Schools, Second Edition" is a practical guide to providing help and support to young people experiencing a range of difficulties in their home and school lives. Recognizing the constraints of working within school settings, the book illustrates how counselling can nevertheless be effective, even when time is short and confidentiality is hard to preserve. Based on a method of brief integrative counselling that can be adapted to the range of problems which pupils bring to counselling, and illustrated with rich and varied case material, the chapters look at issues of: self-esteem; depression and suicidal thoughts; bullying; parental separation and step-parent conflict; loss and bereavement; spiritual concerns; smoking, drug and alcohol use; sexuality. This fully updated new edition includes a brand new chapter covering anger, aggression and violence in schools, and the chapter on ethical boundaries now includes information on new legislations regarding counselling in schools and makes reference to current British law on child protection, and the BACP ethical framework.

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