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Data wydania: 2006
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Students who have used Smith/Minton's Calculus say it was easier to read than any other math book they've used. That testimony underscores the success of the authors' approach, which combines the best elements of reform with the most reliable aspects of mainstream calculus teaching, resulting in a motivating, challenging book. Smith/Minton also provide exceptional, reality-based applications that appeal to students' interests and demonstrate the elegance of math in the world around us. New features include: ' A new organization placing all transcendental functions early in the book and consolidating the introduction to L'Hôpital's Rule in a single section. ' More concisely written explanations in every chapter. ' Many new exercises (for a total of 7,000 throughout the book) that require additional rigor not found in the 2nd Edition. ' New exploratory exercises in every section that challenge students to synthesize key concepts to solve intriguing projects. ' New commentaries ('Beyond Formulas') that encourage students to think mathematically beyond the procedures they learn. ' New counterpoints to the historical notes, 'Today in Mathematics,' that stress the contemporary dynamism of mathematical research and applications, connecting past contributions to the present. ' An enhanced discussion of differential equations and additional applications of vector calculusIntegration of contemporary aspects of calculus instruction within a traditional structure A more standard organization True early transcendental approach Unified approach to L'Hopital's Rule The presentation is substantially tighter and more conciseIntegration of the Rule of Four--algebraic, graphical, numerical and verbal presentationAn accessible, patient writing style that supplements in-class lectureCareful integration of technology Allows for the presentation of a more contemporary course and the opportunity to present topics from different perspectives Unified presentations of early transcendentals, L'Hopital's Rule, and revised ordering of topics now align more with competition and expectations. Unifies the presentation of transcendental functions prior to introducing the integrThis was requested by adopters and reviewers

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