Chemometrics in Spectroscopy

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Data wydania: 2007
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ISBN: 978-0-12-374024-3
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"Chemometrics in Spectroscopy" builds upon the statistical information covered in other books written by these leading authors in the field by providing a broader range of mathematics and progressing into the fundamentals of multivariate and experimental data analysis. Subjects covered in this work include: matrix algebra, analytic geometry, experimental design, calibration regression, linearity, design of collaborative laboratory studies, comparing analytical methods, noise analysis, use of derivatives, analytical accuracy, analysis of variance, and much more, are all part of this chemometrics compendium. This work has been developed in the form of a tutorial offering a basic hands-on approach to chemometric and statistical analysis for analytical scientists, experimentalists, and spectroscopists.Without using complicated mathematics, "Chemometrics in Spectroscopy" demonstrates the basic principles underlying the use of common experimental, chemometric, and statistical tools. Emphasis has been given to problem-solving applications and the proper use and interpretation of data used for scientific research. It is useful for analysts in their daily problem solving, as well as detailed insights into subjects often considered difficult to thoroughly grasp by non-specialists. It provides mathematical proofs and derivations for the student or rigorously-minded specialist.

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