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Since its creation in the middle of the nineteenth century, Christofle has always been the hallmark of a refined lifestyle. Furthermore, the innovations it triggered over the years have revolutionized the style, techniques, production and distribution methods of the silversmith’s craft and the decorative arts. An ardent observer of changing fashions and customs, the brand integrated into its works great artistic trends, such as Japonism and Art Nouveau, while associating with famous artists -Man Ray, Cocteau, Arman- and current designers, including Martin Szekely and Andrée Putman. Today, as in the past, whether it be at the table of Parisian emperors, princes and maharajahs, or families of lesser fame and fortune; whether in the palaces of Paris, London, New York, Cairo and Alexandria, on board the Orient Express, the Trans-Siberian Railway or transatlantic liners, guests continue to be served and honored with Christofle luxury items.

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