Communicative Competence

Wydawnictwo: brak danych
Data wydania: 2006
Kategoria: Języki obce
ISBN: 978-81-7800-118-0
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Starting with 'Say What You mean' as Introduction, the author emphasizes on clarity and coherence in communication. He deals with various aspects of oral and written communication like choice and arrangement of words, style and tone of utterances. Complex concepts are conveyed in simple diction with apt acronyms and memories. He has presented critical ideas in the form of acronymnemonics (acronyms used as mnemonics, a memory aid). This book is aimed as ADEPT program, The acronym stands for appreciation, demonstration, Experimentation, Practice and Transfer. There are five steps to build one's communicative competence. All living beings need to communicate to meet their necessities. But a professional who wants to make a successful career must have extraordinary ability to communicate with competence and clarity. The book helped in the first two steps-appreciation and demonstration. It is also designed for teaching-learning. The author has brought many ideas and put them together which is rarely found in the books on soft skills. To some extent, the book will serve as reference material for those who have limited or no access to such material.

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