Contemporary Advertising

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-0-07-111786-9
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Contemporary Advertising, 10/e, is one of the best-selling advertising texts in this field. Known as the żcoffee table bookż for Advertising, it is known for its current examples, the authorżs ability to pull from real-world experiences, and the clear writing style. Taking a comprehensive view of the industry, this text presents advertising from the creative stand-point and Arens draws from his own industry experience to lend life to the examples. Author Bill Arens continues to address the importance of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in the field of Advertising and how it impacts advertising strategy through featured examples of IMC campaigns. Excellent IMC coverage: an increased focus on Integrated Marketing Communications. IMC is introduced early in the text and numerous examples illustrate and reinforce its importance throughout showing students how various marketing and promotional elements must be coordinated to communicate effectively.|The Advertising Experience. These new end-of-chapter exercises are hands-on in application and place the student in the advertisersż shoes. Effective as outside assignments or in-class discussion starters, The Advertising Experience allows students to effectively apply their knowledge of each chapter. |New Teaching Video: The International Advertising Festival at Cannes, France, is the largest and most prestigious advertising competition in the world. For one week, thousands of advertising executives from around the world descend on the French Riviera to network, party, show their best work, and take home the gold. Held every year right after the famous Cannes Film Festival, the żfestival de film publicitaireż features thousands of entries in every medium and every language ż all competing for the coveted Gold Lion statues. This video features over 100 award-winning commercials and ads hand-picked by the author to illustrate various topics from the text. The video segments are aligned with each part of the text to easily facilitate in-class discussions.|Campaign Video Series: With the tenth edition, Contemporary Advertising introduces a new campaign video. Each video in this series focuses on a campaign and gives insights into both the agency and client roles in its development. Each video follows the step-by-step development of a complete advertising campaign and are ideal for compare and contrast discussions of each campaign.|Excellent Website: Includes more resources for students and instructors. Student resources include student quizzing. the Advertising Reference Library, Career Planning in Advertising, Industry Resources, Advertising and IMC Plan outlines, and clips from the video package. The Instructorżs side includes the Instructorżs Manual, PowerPoint, Video Clips and Video Instructorżs Manual, link to industry resources and link to PageOut for access to test materials. |Chapter-opening vignettes: capture and hold students' interest. The vignettes are closely tied to chapter content and provide real world examples that show advertising in action. Opening vignettes feature companies like Altoids, Kodak, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gateway, and Dell.|Award-winning graphic design: an important feature for a book that teaches students about the importance of quality in advertising art and production.|Full-color advertising portfolios: These portfolios bring students real-life examples of the best advertising example in the field. These examples provide unique insight into the world of advertising and how it weaves relevance to the world we live inżfrom the groundbreaking historical ads of Kodak and Coca-Cola to modern images from Target and Motorola.|The Evolution of Advertising: Chapter 2 examines the socio-economic impact of advertising over the years. An interesting historical portrait is created that gives students a more objective view of why advertising has moved in the direction that it has, how and why it has evolved, and where the future of advertising is headed. |Creative Department: this feature shows how print and television ads are produced. Transvision mylar inserts effectively illustrate the production process by featuring the many phases in the creation of a print ad.|Ethical Issues: these boxed readings introduce students to current topics and controversies in advertising, showing them the thought processes and decisions advertisers make each day.|Checklists: located throughout the text, this feature stimulates memory, organize thinking, and reinforce important chapter topics, tools, and skills.|Internet Exercises: each chapter features exercises that require students to access the World Wide Web and research the answers to questions relevant to the chapter topic.

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