Contemporary Business & E-Commerce Law

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Geared for a one or two term courses in Business Law.This is the most modern business law and legal environment text available. Contemporary Business and E-Commerce Law, 4/e gives professors and students the most extensive and cutting edge coverage of the emerging area of information technology and e-commerce law. This text showcases over 40 new U.S. Supreme Court Cases that have been decided during the past three years, plus over 120 traditional cases giving students/instructors balanced case presentation. Students continually comment on Henry Cheeseman's excellent and accessible writing style.E-Commerce & Information TechnologyNEW - Two new chapters dedicated to coverage of the Internet, E-Commerce, and Information Technology-Chapter 14: Intellectual Property and Internet Law and Chapter 15: Electronic Commerce and Information Technology Licensing. NEW - Extensive E-Commerce and Information Technology boxes integrated throughout the text-These new chapters and boxes cover the latest acts which include: The Anticybersquatting Act, The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA), The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, The NET Act, The American Inventor's Protection Act, The Federal Electronic Signatures Act, and all other relevant federal and state laws and cases governing the Internet and E-Commerce. Examples include, "Napster Unplugged by the Court," "'s 1-Click Patent Upheld," "Electronic Communications Privacy Act," "Economic Espionage Act."NEW - Entrepreneurial Law Coverage-This book features a brand new Chapter 27, "Entrepreneurship, Franchising, and Licensing," which outlines the most important laws facing an entrepreneur who wishes to begin a business and investigates the legal issues unique to them. There are also extensive "Entrepreneur and the Law" boxes that examine the legal implications of entrepreneurial successes and failures. Examples include: "The Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Creation of," "Licensing: Pokemon Invades the United States," "VA Linux IPO's Soars and Sours," "AOL Acquires Time-Warner in MegaMerger," and many more.CasesNEW - Mix of cases-The new edition introduces numerous "U.S. Supreme Court Speaks" boxes highlighting Supreme Court decisions in the most recent sessions in the language of the court. Plus, the revision includes hundreds of fully updated state and federal cases summarized by the author for ease of student comprehension. Examples include: "State Law Tort Action Preempted By Federal Law" (Geier v. American Honda Motor Company, Inc.), "Federal Violence against Women Act Found Lacking Interstate Commerce Connection" (United States v. Morrison), "PGA TOUR Must Allow Disabled Golfer to Use a Golf Cart" (PGA TOUR, Inc. v. Martin), "Warrantless Search of a Home with a Thermo Imaging Device is an Unconstitutional Search" (Kyllo v. United States), etc...NEW - Rich pedagogy enhances student learning-Students will be exposed to a variety of new International law, Contemporary Business Environment, Landmark Law, and Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Boxes throughout the text. These boxes will draw comparisons between the American Legal System and other countries, explore other types of legal issues confronting businesses, describe enacted laws that impart business daily, and highlight the importance of ethical decision making. Additional material-At the end of each chapter, Working the Web exercises require students to work through interactive web-based activities. Critical Legal Thinking Cases at the end of each chapter encourage the application of students' analytical skills, and Critical Legal Thinking Writing Assignments give students experience in briefing cases.

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