Corpus Linguistics 6 vols

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2006
Kategoria: Języki obce
ISBN: 978-0-415-33895-0
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Corpora - large collections of written and/or spoken text stored and accessed electronically - provide the means of investigating language that is of growing importance academically and professionally. Corpora are now routinely used in the following fields: the production of dictionaries and other reference materials; the development of aids to translation; language teaching materials; the investigation of ideologies and cultural assumptions; natural language processing; and the investigation of all aspects of linguistic behaviour, including vocabulary, grammar and pragmatics. This new six-volume collection from Routledge brings together the most significant articles in the field of corpora, and is arranged thematically. The set also includes a new introduction by the editors, a chronological table and a comprehensive index. The Major Work is organized as follows: Volume 1. Foundations - the history of corpus linguistics, 1955-80; Volume 2. Setting up corpora; Volume 3. Working with corpora; Volume 4. Corpus linguistics, lexicology and language teaching; Volume 5. The theoretical foundation of corpus linguistuics; and, Volume 6. Corpus linguistics and natural language processing.

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