Early Numeracy

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-1-4129-1020-0
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This text has been fully updated to include developments and refinements brought about by widespread international application of the assessment tools in the Mathematics Recovery Programme. The book will help practitioners to identify and provide detailed analyses of all children but especially those who are able and those who underachieve in early numeracy. It will enable teachers, learning support personnel, numeracy consultants and educational psychologists to advise colleagues and parents on children's number knowledge and strategies for early numeracy. The Mathematics Recovery Programme has been successfully applied in Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland, the United States and Canada, both in specialist interventions and classroom settings. The revised version shows how familiarisation with, and understanding of, the diagnostic assessment tools has allowed teachers to become more knowledgeable in understanding children's difficulties and misconceptions, and more skilled and confident in planning programmes of intervention and monitoring the children's progress. This new edition includes: - Integrated frameworks of useful tasks for assessing children's number knowledge and strategies;- Four separate and revised diagnostic assessment interviews; - Assessments for addition and subtraction strategies, Base Ten Arithmetical strategies, Early Grouping strategies, and Advanced Grouping strategies in the four operations;- How the assessment process has impacted significantly on teachers' professional development and contributed to the raising of standards in early numeracy.

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