Engineering Mechanics

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Data wydania: 2006
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Preview new features at Hibbeler PhotoRealistic Arts400+ often 3D figures rendered with photographic quality (200 Statics, 200 Dynamics). General art also includes time-elapsed illustrations to more effectively simulate motion. Shows figures that are designed to appeal to today's visual learners. PhotossAdded in the margins to more explicitly show the connection between physical situations and their mathematical abstractions. Most photographs were taken by the author, and include appropriate vectors and notation illustrating a mechanics concept. Problem SolvingsProcedures for Analysis sections provide students with a logical and orderly method for applying theory and building problem solving skills.  Dynamics also includes discussion and a Procedure for Problem-Solving in section 12.6. Numerous, well-chosen examplessDesigned to help students who slearn by example.s Examples illustrate the application of fundamental theory to practical engineering problems and reflect problem solving strategies discussed in associated Procedures for Analysis. Hibbeler's text has the most examples of any text on the market. PHGradeAssistsPrentice Hall's on-line algorithmic homework system available at Professors use this system to assign on-line homework keyed to the text. Students receive algorithmically generated versions of each problem that they work, answer, and are graded by PHGA. Results are recorded in the Professors gradebook. PHGA does let student print their homework assignments for work off lineswhen students return to PHGA they can retrieve and answer these questions. Access codes printed in Student Study Packs. Instructor Access Cards available for sample. Computer SupportsOptional MATLAB and MathCAD worksheets online at Hibbeler website. Most chapters also feature specific computational problems in the problem sets, and Appendix B provides a primer on Numerical and Computational Analysis in Mechanics. Tutorial Animations available on-line and on the IRCD. Student Study PacksContains chapter-by-chapter study materials, a Free Body Diagram Workbook, and Drill Website containing practice problems with full solutions. Student Study Materialssnew chapter-by-chapter review including key points, equations, and check up questions. Free Body Diagram Workbooks75 page workbooks that step students through numerous free body diagram problems. Full explanations and solutions are provided. is a protected website that provides over 1000 statics/dynamics problems with solutions. Solutions contain both math and associated free body diagrams. Students can use these for practice before quizzes and tests, as well as self-drill. Site also contains Matlab and Mathcad mechanics tutorials keyed to the text, and mechanics AVIs and simulations. Access Code for the site is printed on the inside cover of the Study Pack workbook. This code also provides student access to PHGA. IRCDs600+ PowerPoint lecture slides, additional PowerPoint slides of every example and figure, tutorial animations, and pdf files of solutions and figures. Course Management s Course Compass classes availablesFeatures extensive Statics and Dynamics the Next Generation resources that help encourage sactive learnings in the class.       s   Design oriented problems-Integrated throughout. Fundamentals of engineering problemssIntegrated throughout. Helps students prepare for the PE exam. Wealth of diverse, well-illustrated problem sets that are innovatively organizedsFeatures a large variety of problem types from a broad range of engineering disciplines, stressing practical, realistic situations encountered in professional practice, varying levels of difficulty, and problems that involve solution by computer. The drawing of free-body diagramssEmphasized throughout the text.

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