European Union since 1945

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Data wydania: 2005
Kategoria: Socjologia, filozofia
ISBN: 978-0-582-42393-0
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The European Union since 1945  provides a general survey of European intergration, from its emergence at the end of World War II to the negotiation of the Constitutional Treaty in 2004 and enlargement to Central and Eastern Europe.  Adopting a chronological approach, the book examines the economic and political factors that have shaped the process of European Integration, and as a consequence the transfer of power away from member states, have been primarily the result of decisions taken by the member states themselves.Suitable for undergraduate courses on the EU taken as part of the European Studies, History, Politics, International Relations or Law degree.Written in a clear, jargon free and accessible style Use of documents provides students with the ability to refer to key texts Glossary provides clear summaries of key terms Biography section provides students with succinct summaries of the key personalities that have shaped the history of European integration. Chronology allows students to trace the timeline of the history of European integration'The author is balanced in his presentation of the controversies surrounding the organisation and its future.'Dr James Munson, Contemporary Review, Volume 287, No 1677, October 2005'...the most concise and accurate description of the development of European institutions and their policies.''...a welcome contribution to the historical research on European integration. It provides a crisp and accessible overview of the major developments that will be enjoyed by its readers.'Michael J. Steffens, Political Studies Review, Volume 4, Number 2, May 2006‘The clear accessible chapters, documents and timeline are designed to be accessible and helpful for the reader… The European Union Since 1945 should be read by undergraduates in introductory EU courses, policy practitioners who are interested in how the European project developed over time, and by the intelligent general reader. This is an excellent example of how an accessible textbook with crucial supporting documents should be written, documented and presented.’ Neil Winn, European Foreign Affairs Review 11: 281-290,2006 

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