Financial Markets & Institutions

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-0-07-110828-7
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Financial Markets and Institutions, offers a unique analysis of the risks faced by investors and savers interacting through financial institutions and financial markets, as well as strategies that can be adopted for controlling and managing risks. The third edition further strengthens the book's risk management approach with expanded discussions of ethics, new technology integration, and much more!Feature : New Ethics boxes (Ethical Debates boxes) help students consider and understand the ethical dilemmas pertaining to financial markets and institutions.Feature : New Excel problems are featured at the end of selected chapters and are denoted by an icon. Spreadsheet templates will be available on the book website.Feature : Several chapters have been merged where appropriate, and effort has been made to eliminate redundant content. For example, chapters 12 and 17 from the Second edition have been merged to create a new chapter (14) titled Thrift Institutions and Finance Companies. Feature : An International icon will appear in the margin to easily communicate where international material is being introduced. Feature : żSearch the Siteż boxes have been expanded. These internet exercises are featured within the body of text as well as among the end of chapter material in most chapters. Questions have been added to make this feature more applied and give students practice applying concepts to the real-world. Feature : Maintains a strong markets focus within a modern risk management framework. The text recognizes that domestic and foreign financial markets are increasingly connected and that financial intermediaries are evolving towards a single financial services industry. The book looks at how new risks have evolved, how the more traditional risks have changed as a result, and how all of these risks can be measured and managed. Feature : Pedagogically rich to help students retain and apply chapter concepts. Key elements include chapter-opening outlines, chapter navigators, bold key terms and margin glossary, called out websites in the margin, żDid You Understandż boxes, in-chapter examples, żIn the Newsż boxes, New Search the Site exercises, and Ethical Debates boxes new to this edition. Feature : Well developed end of chapter problems, at least twenty per chapter, are written for varied levels of difficulty. Standard & Poorżs questions are also written for most chapters, and capitalize on the free access to the educational version of S&Pżs Market Insight. These are denoted by an icon

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