Gourmet & Specialty Shops

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Data wydania: 2001
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What does a gourmet/specialty food shop look like? Does it look like a Tuscan salumeria or an elegant Parisian fashion boutique? It looks like both and all the shades and variations between the two. With shoppers. becoming more sophisticated and more aware, they are demanding the best; and what was once exotic or unique is now expected. Because of this, food retailers are upscaling their looks and enhancing their merchandise presentation and creating food boutiques filled with imported delicacies and gourmet-prepared take-out foods.Elegant, traditional, and even fun design solutions are being produced for food vendors across the country and around the world as shoppers become more selective and more demanding. Brand image has become even more important than ever in a market dominated by brands. Coffee and tea shops are now more than retail stores, they are cafes and clubby settings for people to meet in while jsipping the gourmet brews. Markets and supermarkets are upscaling their physical looks as well as their presentation techniques to satisfy the affluent shoppers. We are pleased to include such noted American stores as Food Emporium's Bridge Market, Andronico's, Byerlys, and Zagara's, and some European examples such as Konmar and Sainsbury.Gourmet Store Design is literally crammed with over 300 colorful images and hundreds of ideas waiting to be culled from the 70 case histories collected in this book. They include gourmet shops, specialty food stores, markets and supermarkets, organic and health food stores, coffee and tea retailers, wine and liquor outlets, and many more.

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