Governance in Post-Conflic Societies

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Data wydania: 2007
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The contents include: Foreword by Frederick D. Barton; Preface by Derick W. Brinkerhoff; Governance Challenges in Fragile States: Re-Establishing Security, Rebuilding Effectiveness, and Reconstituting Legitimacy by Derick W. Brinkerhoff"; Part 1, which includes: Governance and Post-conflict: Perspectives on Core Issues, Does Nation Building Work? Reviewing the Record by Arthur A. Goldsmith, Constitutional Design, Identity and Legitimacy in Post-Conflict Reconstruction by Aliza Belman Inbal and Hanna Lerner, Election Systems and Political Parties in Post-Conflict and Fragile States by Eric Bjornland, Glenn Cowan, and William Gallery, Democratic Governance and the Security Sector in Conflict-affected Countries by Nicole Ball. The contents also include: Part 2, which includes: Actors in Governance Reconstruction: Old, New, and Evolving Roles, From Bullets to Ballots: The U.S. Army Role in Stability and Reconstruction Operations by Tammy S. Schultz and Susan Merrill, The Private Sector and Governance in Post-Conflict Societies by Virginia Haufler, Rebuilding and Reforming Civil Services in Post-Conflict Societies by Harry Blair, Contributions of Digital Diasporas to Governance Reconstruction in Fragile States: Potential and Promise by Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff; and, Part 3, which includes Reforming and Rebuilding Governance: Focus on the Local, Decentralization, Local Governance, and Conflict Mitigation in Latin America by Gary Bland, Subnationalism and Post-conflict Governance: Lessons from Africa by Joshua B. Forrest, Subnational Administration and State Building: Lessons from Afghanistan by Sarah Lister and Andrew Wilder; About the Contributors; and, Index.

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