Governing Global Banking

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-0-7546-1906-2
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This timely and highly topical text examines the development of the Basel Committee. Thorough and well-researched, it studies the Committee's creation, achievements and prospective role in the 21st century. The study adopts the viewpoint that the Committee has become one of the central organs of global economic governance, being both the locus of financial decision making and a facilitator for coordinating the actions of other international financial institutions. Duncan Wood's research provides a comprehensive account of this central organ of global governance and offers a theoretical analysis of its activities and significance. It examines the twin concepts of power and leadership in the Committee and emphasizes the political nature of decision-making. It will prove a key resource for academics and practitioners interested in international relations, business and management, and international finance.'In this book Duncan Wood has provided us with a fascinating and detailed account of the politics, conflicts, and accomplishments of the Basel Committee. It provides valuable insights not just for those interested in the regulation of global finance, but also for readers interested in global governance more generally.' Tony Porter, McMaster University, Canada 'The contemporary cross-border integration of financial markets has greatly complicated the tasks of central bankers and regulators. Duncan Wood provides an accessible history of the important Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and a convincing analysis of the political and economic forces shaping global regulatory collaboration. This fine book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in international banking. General students of political economy and global governance will also learn a great deal by engaging with its themes and insights.' Louis W. Pauly, University of Toronto, Canada 'Scholarship on the politics of global finance has paid insufficient attention to the work of the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision. Duncan Wood's analysis penetrates the BCBS's veil of technical expertise and reaches for a political assessment of its increasingly important global role. If you want to develop a comprehensive understanding of the emerging architecture of global financial governance, this is a 'must read' book.' Randall Germain, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

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