Handbook of Carotenoids

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Data wydania: 2003
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ISBN: 978-3-7643-6180-8
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With the number of natural carotenoid structures reported rising above 700, there is a clear need for a single reference work containing data on all these compounds. This Handbook includes all natural carotenoids and common isolation artefacts for which structures have been assigned up to the end of 2001. For each compound, it provides selected key references and critically assessed information about natural occurrence and isolation, and spectroscopic data for identification. A standard full-page entry is given for each compound that has been characterised unambiguously, showing - Common name- IUPAC name- Structure, including stereochemistry, when assigned- Spectroscopic data: UV/Vis (with illustration); MS; CD; NMR (type and references)- Chemical synthesis (references)- Natural sources and outline of isolation procedure- Remarks, e.g. further spectroscopic data, stability, properties, derivatives- Selected key references Written for: Researchers, scientific libraries; Biotech industry, pharmaceutical industry Keywords: Biochemistry Molecular and Cellular Biology Pharamcology

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