Handbook of Ceramic Grinding & Polishing

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Focusing on the machining of ceramic materials such as silicon nitride, silicon carbide, and zirconia, this series of six contributions explores the challenge of reducing the costs of machining operations, a continuing problem in an industry where ceramic parts must be machined into final form to achieve a proper fit. The abrasive machining of ceramic materials is a result of the difficulty of controlling parts dimensions at the high temperatures required in their creation. The contributors explain the properties and characteristics of ceramics, the various types of abrasive processes, and typical tests used in the procedures. An entire section of the book concerns grinding tools, their conditioning, lubrication and cooling, checking for wear on the tools, and using them efficiently. The book also examines modern honing and superfinishing tools and machines, and describes advances in the technology, as well as lapping and polishing techniques using chemical compounds and ultrasound.

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