History of Mathematics

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-0-07-110635-1
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This text is designed for the junior/senior mathematics major who intends to teach mathematics in high school or college. It concentrates on the history of those topics typically covered in an undergraduate curriculum or in elementary schools or high schools. At least one year of calculus is a prerequisite for this course. This book contains enough material for a 2 semester course but it is flexible enough to be used in the more common 1 semester course.Applications: Well thought out, high-quality, and interesting application problems are located in every section. Extensive Variety of Section Exercises - Not only is there a variety of exercises but there are ample amounts of exercises to help students practice what they have learned.Technology Highlights and Calculator Exploration and Discovery are optional features for those interested in incorporating graphing technology in their course. These two features are designed to further explore a given topic with the graphing calculator.Mid-Chapter Checks - consist of at least 10 exercises located in the middle of the chapter.Writing, Research and Decision Making - problems within the exercise sets that provide an opportunity for online research, conceptual thinking, and writing. Students can apply what they just learned to these application problems and be able to see how math is used in the real-world.Instructors have a large bank of exercises to assign, that very in type and difficulty level. For those wanting to incorporate the graphing calculator into their class the features are located throughout. However, for those not wanting to emphasize technology, the material is placed so it's easy to skip.This feature addresses retention and allows the student to practice what they have learned in the first half of the chapter before moving on to the second half. Students get a chance to do some research outside of class as well enhance their writing skillsAre the students motivated by the applications and want to see how they will use math in their lives?Is it important to you that your text have an extensive quantity and variety of exercises to assign? Do your students have trouble retaining what they have learned in the first few sections of the chapter by the time you finish teaching the chapter? Would your students benefit from an assessment at the midpoint of the chapter?

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