How Digital Photography Works 2e

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Data wydania: 2007
Kategoria: Informatyczne
ISBN: 978-0-7897-3630-7
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Digital photography is going through the same sort of ballooning growth PCs did in the '80s. At the end of 2003, 31 percent of U.S. households owned digital cameras. It was a pivotal year for the industry, as digital cameras nearly outsold traditional cameras for the first time ever. InfoTrends predicts that 82 million digital cameras will be sold worldwide by 2008, and IDC predicts that digital camera owners will snap more 626 billion images by 2007! Although consumers are moving to digital cameras quickly, digital photography is still a big mystery. How does it work? How Digital Photography Works, 2nd Edition provides the answers using full-color illustrations on how it all comes together. Fans of How it Works will love this updated edition, while new users will be fascinated at the range of coverage the book offers, from how technology produces better pictures to how lenses focus and much, much more! The second edition covers the newest features that technology has made possible, offering a look inside a camera that no one else offers. Users will not only walk away with an understanding of how it works, but also great foundation that will help them take better pictures.

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