Human Resource Management

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As competitors strive to win the war for talent, effective human resource management is necessary to gain true competitive advantage in the marketplace. Three challenges companies face are sustainability, technology, and globalization. Human Resource Management 5th Edition brings these challenges to life by highlighting real-world examples pertaining to these issues and relating it to the concepts within the chapter. This best-selling McGraw-Hill/Irwin Human Resource Management title provides students with the technical background needed to be a knowledgeable consumer of human resource (HR) products and services, to manage HR effectively, or to be a successful HR professional. While clearly strategic in nature, the text also emphasizes how managers can more effectively acquire, develop, compensate, and manage the internal and external environment that relates to the management of human resources."Competing through Sustainability" boxes are included in the chapters. Challenges to sustainability include the ability to deal with economic and social changes, engage in responsible and ethical business practices, provide high quality products and services, and develop methods to determine if the company is meeting stakeholder needs. These boxes discuss how companies succeed in a competitive environment considering aspects of social responsibility like environmental and employment issues. |"Strategic Use of HRM" - this is a new highlighted element within the chapter content that contains examples of how real companies have developed or executed competitive HR strategies to create value.|"Exercising Strategy" sections at the end of the chapters provide additional cases with discussion questions. The examples pose strategic questions based on real-life practices.|Self-Assessment Exercises at the end of the chapters provide a brief exercise for students to complete and evaluate their own skills.|Manager's Hot Seat Exercises are now included in the text at the end of most chapters. These individual and group exercises correspond to the Manager's Hot Seat DVD video segments. The segments highlight scenarios that are critical to HR success. This interactive DVD is available as an optional package for students for an additional $5 using ISBN: 0073586293.|The student CD-ROM content has been moved to the Online Learning Center Students will find extensive chapter review questions, self-assessment exercises, and flashcards to review key terms. |Two boxes - "Competing through Globalization" and "Competing through Technology" - are found in every chapter and provide excellent real-business examples to underscore key concepts throughout the text.|"Finding and Keeping the Best Employees" is a highlighted element within the chapter text containing current information on the methods that companies use to find and keep the best employees. |End-of-chapter sections entitled "A Look Back" ask students questions about the opening vignettes, which contain real business problems and issues, after they have read the chapter to provoke critical thinking and reinforce the concepts presented in the chapter.|End-of-chapter BusinessWeek cases look at incidents and real companies as reported by Business Week and encourage students to critically evaluate the problem and apply the chapter concepts.|End-of-part video cases - the videos are new to this edition, but the purpose remains the same - the video cases and accompanying questions challenge students to view HR issues and problems from multiple perspectives.|Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter inform students about what they should understand after reading through the chapter.|Key terms are highlighted and defined in the margin in order to help students learn the language of HRM.|McGraw-Hill's Knowledge Gateway - The Complete Resource for Teaching Online Courses. McGraw-Hill/Irwin, in partnership with Eduprise, is proud to bring this unique service to instructors. This comprehensive Website contains a wealth of information for any professor interested in teaching online. Level one is available to any instructor browsing our Website. Level two is reserved for McGraw-Hill customers and contains access to free technical and instructional design assistance. For more details, visit|PowerWeb. Whether you want your students to do a research paper or you want to use more real-world applications in your lecture - PowerWeb is the tool to use. This online resource brings together timely and interesting articles from leading periodicals and journals, self-assessment quizzes for every reading, discipline-specific news feeds and web links, interactive exercises, and the ability to POWERSEARCH through over 10,000 newspapers and over 3,000 magazines articles not available on the web for free. Get the POWER at|Business Week Edition. Your students can subscribe to Business Week for a specially priced rate of $8.25 in addition to the price of the text. Students will receive a pass code card shrink-wrapped with their new text. The card directs students to a Website where they enter the code and then gain access to Business Week's registration page to enter address info and set up their print and online subscription as well. Passcode ISBN 007-251530-9.|PageOut is McGraw-Hill's unique point-and click course Website tool, enabling you to create a full-featured, professional quality course Website without knowing HTML coding. With PageOut you can post your syllabus online, assign McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center or eBook content, add links to important off-site resources, and maintain student results in the online grade book. You can send class announcements, copy your course site to share with colleagues, and upload original files. PageOut is free for every McGraw-Hill/Irwin user and, if you're short on time, we even have a team ready to help you create your site!|You can customize this text. McGraw-Hill/Primis Online's digital database offers you the flexibility to customize your course including material from the largest online collection of textbooks, readings, and cases. Primis leads the way in customized eBooks with hundreds of titles available at prices that save your students over 20% off bookstore prices. Additional information is available at 800-228-0634.

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