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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-1-930513-58-7
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High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most ubiquitous medical problems seen in primary care. Studies on lowering diastolic and systolic blood pressure, especially in patients with target-organ damage and diabetes are many but often conflict. So much new information can leave physicians and patients frustrated and confused. The purpose of Hypertension, the latest addition to the acclaimed ACP - Key Diseases Series, is to succinctly answer the important questions in this area: Is there an ideal blood pressure? How are blood pressure goals to be achieved? What life-style modifications can be recommended? What drugs should be used and when and how? What of possible side effects? Experienced clinicians who have devoted the majority of their medical careers to improving strategies for managing hypertensive patients provide the answers. Chapters are concise and lucid. Readers will welcome the numerous tables and the summaries of key points. Furthermore, each topic, including hypertension in the elderly and the pregnant patient is considered in an open and honest fashion.Authors provide their personal views, not a dispassionate listing of the various options or the currently popular consensus treatments. As the population ages, hypertension will become a more frequent diagnosis for the primary care physician. Begin your understanding of its causes and treatment with this outstanding reference work.

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