Intelligent Sensor Design Using the Microchip dsPIC

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-0-7506-7755-4
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The use of intelligent sensors that not only measure parameters but also enhance and/or interpret thosemeasurements is spreading rapidly across all industries. A new class of embedded computing element, thedigital signal controller, is proving to be an optimal way of adding intelligence to such sensors because itcombines the best features of both microcontrollers and digital signal processors. Through concrete, robustexamples and in-depth information on real-world sensor systems, this book enables system designers toquickly become proficient in the application of the most popular digital signal controller, the dsPICO fromMicrochip, to problems in intelligent sensing.Unlike many embedded systems books that confine themselves strictly to firmware/software, this bookalso delves into the supporting electronic hardware, providing the reader with a complete understanding ofthe issues involved when interfacing to specific types of sensor and offering insight into the real-worldproblems designers will face. Meaningful software examples are implemented in both C and assemblylanguage, with source code being included on an accompanying CD. To further aid the reader, theexamples provide a complete, easily extensible code framework for sensor-based applications as well asbasic support routines that are often ignored or treated superficially. The goal throughout is to make thereader truly productive in as short a time frame as possible while providing the thorough understandingnecessary to design robust systems.BENEFIT TO THE READER: Reader will gain in-depth, real-world design information that willhelp him/her be more productive and get up to speed on sensor design skills more quickly. The bookprovides designers and students a leg up in a relatively new design area, imparting knowledge about a newmicrocontroller that offers some of the functionality of a DSP chip. In addition, having the computer codeIt's very good timing the digital signal controllers have been on the market long enough to be familiar toa sizable group of designers and to build a need for information, which is definitely still lacking. We will beone of the first, if not THE first, book specific to digital signal controllers. Intelligent sensors is also arapidly growing technology area and the book will attract readers that are simply interested in more realworlddesign information on this topic. The author is enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and has goodconnections at Microchip that should help us get them to promote and possibly buy copies of the book.

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