International Corporate Governance

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-1-84542-035-2
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'This compilation serves a particularly useful purpose by presenting a full range of fascinating case studies. The editor thus enables each reader to assimilate the particulars in his own parlance, thus avoiding the almost insoluble problem of international corporate governance - namely that each country uses the same words, but with utterly different meanings. Obviously, this problem has inhibited constructive conversation. After digesting these case studies, one is encouraged to derive certain generalized conclusions, among which are - no matter what the terminology, the integrity of publicly traded securities depends on transparency and enforceable accountability of manager to owner.'- Robert Monks, Lens Governance Advisors, US'This collection of thoroughly researched and well-written case studies of the governance of companies in nine countries demonstrates how far away we are from convergence in corporate governance systems. Differences in ownership structures, board composition, financial markets, accounting standards, takeover defences, legal systems, societal and corporate cultures, and even political involvement, are highlighted in this splendid collection. The book demonstrates the importance of the few core concepts that are emerging in the field, such as greater transparency, independence in non-executive directors, and the need for more effective governance. The consideration of case studies is presently the best way to understand the reality of corporate governance around the world. This book offers valuable insights to students, teachers and practitioners of the subject.'- R.I. (Bob) Tricker, Honorary Professor, University of Hong Kong and Founder Editor, Corporate Governance - an international reviewCorporate governance has become a global phenomenon. This book highlights, through various case studies, how corporate governance has evolved in a number of countries around the world. The international cast of contributors, from varying professional backgrounds including academics, lawyers and company directors, focus on different regions around the globe, reflecting various ownership structures, legal systems, and political and cultural aspirations. Some of the case studies used include: Standard Life; Telecom Italia; and Eskom.Academics, directors and practitioners will find this book valuable for its insights into corporate governance developments in different legal environments and different business forms. It will also be immensely useful to postgraduate and undergraduate students for the up-to-date case studies on corporate governance, which will add depth and 'real world' meaning to their studies.

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