International Marketing

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-0-07-710830-4
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International Marketing 2/e offers a truly global treatment of this exciting area of marketing - providing students with all the resources they need to grasp the complexities and issues when marketing across borders. Totally updated since its previous edition, the book now features more streamlined chapters, new chapters, totally new cases and a brand new text design, making it one of the most compelling and exciting books available.Ethics 2/e includes a brand new chapter on Ethics and international marketing which covers social responsibility, fair trade and anti-globalization. By including a full chapter on ethics rather than just including examples in the text, the book really debates the complexities of ethics and marketing and encourages students to take ethics on board as a part of marketing, rather than a side issue|New topics To reflect developments in the field the book includes the most contemporary topics and ideas, including new coverage of: relationship marketing, e-marketing, branding, promotion, segmentation and consumer behaviour. |Case studies A comprehensive case study section including 23 new and updated cases is contained at the back of the book, covering the most contemporary issues and companies.|New examples 70% of boxes have been replaced with new and up-to-date examples of marketing around the globe.|Glossary This new edition includes a brand new glossary of key terms. While students work through the book the key terms are highlighted in the main text, and the full glossary can be found at the back of the book, to make revision and learning easier than ever.|Maps The book contains a wide selection of four-colour maps for easy and quick reference, including world map, population map, trade routes map, EU members and more.|Superior presentation The 2/e boasts a brand new 4 colour text design, making full use of colour images, diagrams, tables and charts, with clearly presented chapter assessment material and excellent use of topic breakdowns. |Refined pedagogy Each chapter has learning objectives, topic overviews, key term definitions, boxed examples, mini-cases, review questions, references and up-to-date further reading suggestions. All of this material has been significantly updated since the previous edition to ensure it is fresh and relevant. |Multinational regions This section reflects the most recent information about EU members and has been completely updated to focus on EU versus NAFTA and ASEAN issues.

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