Introduction to Audiology

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Data wydania: 2005
Kategoria: Medycyna i zdrowie
ISBN: 978-0-205-45330-6
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This is the leading text for the introduction to hearing and hearing disorders course required of all Speech Language Pathology and Audiology majors. Introduction to Audiology, Ninth Edition, provides in-depth coverage of the physics of sound, anatomy, and physiology of the auditory system; causes and treatment of hearing disorders; and relevant diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. It emphasizes the proper evaluation of hearing disorders and the treatment avenues available for these disorders. The accompanying CD-ROM features a wide variety of interactive exercises, actual case studies, eighteen videos illustrating many theoretical and research concepts, demonstrations, an extensive literature section with useful forms, ear pathology slides, a review manual, and much more. Developed in modules so teachers can rearrange the order in which they assign chapters. Clearly delineated learning objectives and a number of pedagogical devices to help students understand and comprehend the implications of audiological diagnostics and rehabilitation. Visuals are used throughout the book along with tables for summary; the details provided in figure captions augment the text by paraphrasing the concept being demonstrated. Expanded "Clinical Commentaries" interspersed throughout the text highlight the applicability of important concepts and the important role of speech-language pathologists in hearing loss management. Contains footnoted material about early contributors to the fields of anatomy, ear disease, acoustics, audiology, etc., to avoid interrupting the flow of the text. Review tables and study questions at the end of each chapter help students assess their knowledge of the subject matter.Commentaries are designed to clarify clinical concepts for material discussed or to further illuminate clinical applications.Coverage of auditory processing disorders, otoacoustic emissions, patient and family counseling, and universal newborn hearing screening. TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE-Accompanying CD-ROM packaged inside the textbook contains interactive exercises of all types including matching, labeling, multiple-choice questions, eighteen illustrative movies, crossword puzzles, demonstrations of the effects of hearing loss, and an expanded Appendix containing a variety of forms, reports, resource materials, patient handouts, lists of prefixes, suffixes and medical abbreviations, all of which can be downloaded and printed for handy reference. Highlighted references throughout the text to supplemental instructional material available on the accompanying CD-ROM.  

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