Joining a Community of Readers

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2007
Kategoria: Socjologia, filozofia
ISBN: 978-0-618-92247-5
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A contemporary thematic reader, Joining a Community of Readers offers a holistic approach to developing reading skills and building schema.Joining a Community of Readers maintains a constant focus on key skills while providing ample practice with shorter and longer readings. The real-life context for skill instruction engages students as they are able to stay with a single theme throughout each instructive unit. The authors' PRO reading strategy (Prepare to Read, Read Actively and Reflect, and Organize to learn) places an emphasis on pre-reading, active reading, and post-reading activities throughout the text and gets students applying the skills in the context of the reading process. Significant attention is especially given to vocabulary skills and finding the main idea and support.New! "The Reader's Toolkit" appendix includes instruction and practice on reading visual aids, navigating and evaluating web sites, and offers test taking tips.New! Chapter on critical reading focuses on the theme of social connectedness and community.New! Chapter 8 now focuses solely on inferences and has been enhanced with a discussion on making inferences from visual clues as well as new exercises.New! Web-based activities direct students to do interesting and relevant work online.New! Fifteen new readings are included in this edition.New! Cumulative mastery tests can be used as pre- or post-test instruments to assess the core skills covered in the text.New! Emphasis on distinguishing between major and minor supporting details helps students avoid being overwhelmed by too much information.Open-ended "Making Connections" questions ask students to relate what they are reading to their prior knowledge of the subject."Organize to Learn" feature teaches students learning strategies and study skills, including how to organize their thoughts and classroom material."Language Tips," useful notes on reading and language issues, help non-native English speakers.Collaborative activities provide abundant opportunities for group work and collaboration.End-of chapter review material includes a "Putting It Together" chart that graphically summarizes the skills the chapter has introduced, "Reviewing Skills" writing assignments, and post-reading activities for further group work. Two mastery tests in each chapter give students further opportunities to master skills and to evaluate their progress.Additional readings at the end of the book allow students to extend their learning

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