Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2002
Kategoria: Inne
ISBN: 978-0-14-118700-6
Liczba stron: 160
Dodał/a książkę: Autor X

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Junk is not, like alcohol or weed, a means to increased enjoyment of life. Junk is not a kick. It is a way of life.’ This is the junk equation, the way in which heroin redefines the addict’s world. Burroughs’s cult classic is a raw, semi-autobiographical account of drug addiction, which outraged America and influenced generations of writers to come. He relates with unflinching realism the highs and lows of dependency: euphoria, hallucinations, ghostly nocturnal wanderings and strange sexual encounters, the quests to ease the hunger of the needle, the horrors of cold turkey and back again. Junky is a dark, powerful and mesmerizing account of one man’s challenge to turn self-destruction into art.

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