Landmark Papers in Yeast Biology

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Data wydania: 2005
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Yeast has been a preeminent experimental organism of genetic research for more than 50 years. Progress in the field has provided the conceptual framework that has driven experiments in many areas of biology. "Landmark Papers in Yeast Biology" consists of essays by prominent scientists on the context and significance of 71 carefully selected research papers, which are reprinted on the accompanying CD. The papers include early, hard-to-find classics, as well as more recent advances in areas, such as signal transduction, membrane trafficking, protein turnover, and genomics. This collection has unique value for all scholars of yeast and could provide the foundation for a literature-based course on molecular cell biology. As Jasper Rine notes in his eloquent introduction, the editors and contributors share the belief that "deep study of the agreed-on classics is the best training for learning how to recognize those contemporary papers worthy of our personal time..."

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