Life in Schools 5e

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-0-205-50181-6
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This text is a provocative investigation of the political, social, and economic factors underlying classroom practices, offering a unique introduction to the contemporary field of critical pedagogy.  Life in Schools features excerpts from the author's best-selling work, Cries from the Corridor: The New Suburban Ghetto. The text provokes analytic discussion of social problems and a theoretical framework for formulating potential solutions (Parts III & IV). It also includes a new discussion of race and class, a chapter on the social construction of whiteness, and a new chapter that challenges current domestic and foreign policies of the current White House administration (including the No Child Left Behind Act) and their impact upon American public schooling.Provides a broad overview of the tradition of critical pedagogy and introduces the tradition's terms and theoretical formulations. Presents additional theoretical perspectives and an essay on the role of the teacher as social justice agent. Contains statistics on current issues in American schooling. Includes a discussion of race and class and a final chapter on the political crisis in U.S. society and its impact upon American schooling.  Addresses critical/revolutionary pedagogy as it relates to recent events in our society, including the September 11th attacks, the War in Iraq, and the current ascendancy of New Right ideologues (Part I).

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