Modern Management

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For Principles of Management courses requiring a comprehensive, flexible text with an emphasis on skills and applications.  Modern Management, 10e is the most flexible book available.  It is built around the concept of “Core Plus” - a core of chapters covered in most courses , surrounded by a rich selection of optional chapters that enable one to teach exactly the type of course he/she wants to teach.  Possible “flavors” around the core?  (a) Management History (b) Operations Management (c) Information Technology in Management (d) Creativity and Innovation in Management.   Concepts Plus What topics do you like to bring into your course?  What changes are occurring in the field that you would like to bring into your course?  Are you ever frustrated that the book doesn’t teach the subject the way you do?   Modern Managementprovides comprehensive coverage of traditional proven management concepts, and supports faculty with unique chapters on Creativity and Innovation (Ch. 19), Operations Management (Ch. 20 & 21), and Information Technology (Ch. 22), History and Current Thinking (ch. 2). Benefit: Gives faculty a reliable, comprehensive text with flexible content options, all  without increasing the cost to the students. OTHER POINTS OF DIFFERENCEConcepts Plus SkillsHow do your students learn most effectively? How do you help your students apply concepts learnt in each chapter to real managerial challenges?Management Skills Modules appear in two sections at the end of each chapter. (e.g. pp. 171 - 175)1. “Understanding Management Concepts”: includes an Action Summary and Action Summary Key. 2. “Applying Management Concepts”:  contains Individual and Group Skills Module, Skill Module Cases, Skills Module Video Exercises, and Skills Module Internet Activities. Benefit: heightens student understanding of management concepts as well as how to apply those concepts in various management situations.Concepts Plus ApplicationsDo students struggle to make the leap from understanding a concept to being able to apply it, especially in a variety of different situations?“How the Pros Do It” - To effectively understand management, students should understand and practice the concrete steps that actual managers use.   “How the Pros Do It”provides them with this opportunity. (E.g. applying innovation skills at Walt Disney Company, improving communication at Wal-Mart, and controlling inventory at J.C. Penny.)Benefit: helps students to see how practicing managers apply management concepts.Concepts Plus Applications Across IndustriesDo your students go on to work in a variety of different industries?  How do you expose them to this variety while they are learning?   “Across Industries” focuses on  how management principles are applied in organizations in industries of all types. (e.g. p. 123)Benefit: appeals to different students who may be headed different places upon graduation, and a richer understanding of management concepts by applying them in a variety of settings.Built Around the Student Learning ProcessHow do students learn effectively?  Modern Management, 10e offers a powerful method for student study. The integrated learning plan first asks the reader if they have met the Student Learning Objective,  then asks readers to respond to Study Questions followed by Action Summary Questions.  After achieving mastery of the key concepts, readers are provided an opportunity to apply management concepts in several types of activities: Individual Exercises, Group/Team Exercises, Cases, and Video Cases.Benefit: Provides students with a powerful, pedagogically sound learning structure that maximizes retention and understanding. “Back To The Case” -  every chapter opening case is revisited several times throughout the chapter and is wrapped up in the end of chapter materials.  (e.g. in Ch. 7 pp. 155, 159, 160, 164, 165, 167, 171 & 173)Benefit: Provides students with a continuous threat of case application which helps to apply all chapter concepts to one memorable company.Enlivens LecturesDo you ever use humor to enliven a lecture?“Management by Brian” — a new feature for this edition is an exclusively created running cartoon series that follows a young manager.  Each chapter provides a new issue in “Brian’s” life.  A caption follows each cartoon that connects the humorous episode with a serious management concept. (e.g. p. 163)Benefit: Makes learning fun for students.

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