No-Tillage Seeding Science & Practice

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Data wydania: 1996
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During the last thirty years farmers have been strongly encouraged to adopt some form of conservation tillage, primarily for long-term environmental reasons. However, the experience of many farmers of no-tillage suggests greater short-term risk, in the form of reduced seedling emergence or crop yield or even crop failure. A major aim of this book is to show how the risks in the practice of no-tillage can be reduced. It begins by describing the interrelationships between soils, machines, seeds and growing plants. Too often in the past, the subject has been approached from a purely engineering or a purely soils perspective, neglecting the agronomic viewpoint. The authors of this book focus on the needs of the plants which thus determine the requirements for a no-tillage seed drill. The result of their own research is the inverted T-shaped no-tillage soil slot and the Cross Slot drill and planter opener, which are described in some detail. By re-evaluating common assumptions about seed germination in soil, the authors provide a totally new perspective on no-tillage seeding.

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