Novel of Rebellion

Wydawnictwo: brak danych
Data wydania: 1997
Kategoria: Literatura piękna
ISBN: 978-0-590-97541-4
Liczba stron: 0
Dodał/a książkę: Autor X

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It's 1675, and Bartholomew Green is a printer's devil in his father's print shop in Cambridge Massachusetts—he sorts type, runs and fetches, sweeps and scrubs. And he learns bookmaking from master apprentice James Printer, a Nipmuck Indian who is Bartholomew's friend as well as his teacher.When tensions between the white settlers and local Indian tribes erupt into war, the Pokanoket chief known as King Philip expects James' allegiance. James cares more for the craft of printing than for war, and he has close ties to the English. Though he does not want to take sides, it may be that he has no choice...

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