Okładka książki - One Night at the Call Centre

One Night at the Call Centre

Wydawnictwo: inne
Data wydania: 2007
Kategoria: Literatura piękna
ISBN: 9780552773867
Liczba stron: 320
Dodał/a książkę: Autor X

Ocena: 0 (0 głosów)

Six friends are selling home appliances to the US from a call centre in India. They have serious issues of the heart. Call agent Sam (real name Shyam) works right next to the girl who's just dumped him. And he's dating a girl he can't stand, just to get over her. Esha wants to be a model and finds herself romping her way to the ramp. Vroom wants to change the world. But not if he's working all night for stupid Americans. Radikha's just found out her ultra-traditional husband is having an affair. Tonight is Thanksgiving in America, and customers are queueing up to complain about white goods going wrong. On this night of a thousand phone calls, when life couldn't look more dismal, one unique caller gets on the line. And that call is going to change everything ...This is a romantic comedy of six friends kicking against the system, against their boss, and against each other. Something's got to give ...

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