Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 1999
Kategoria: Medycyna i zdrowie
ISBN: 978-0-7234-2500-7
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A comprehensive, one-volume work on ophthalmology for trainees and general ophthalmologists which covers all the essential details and mentions every entity and aspect. A consistent, uniform approach throughout, use of four-colour photographs and innovative, specially designed artworks to explain different concepts and operative techniques, and a world-class author team combine to make this the best ever text book of Ophthalmology.* Use of top-quality four colour photographs and artwork throughout. Artworks specially drawn and designed to explain operative techniques and difficult concepts, and ensure a consistent approach* Covers al the essential details of ophthalmology and mentions every entity and aspect in one volume* Contains separate sections on genetics, covering basic genetic principles, genetics of inherited ocular diseases and genetics and embryology * Special summary boxes at the beginning of most chapters cover key features. Other points of key information, such as differential diagnosis, are given in special differential diagnosis boxes* Easy access to contents through colour coding of section illustrations and edges of pages* Consistent style of illustration and design throughout; authors write to meticulously-planned templates, meaning that text also follows a consistent style of approach* Addresses clinical issues throughout* Relevant basic science is fully integrated* Written by leading authorities in the field, with an international range of contributors * Each entry reviewed by SEs, and LEs where relevant, to ensure factual accurate and consistency

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