Powder Technology Handbook

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2006
Kategoria: Popularnonaukowe
ISBN: 978-1-5744-4782-8
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Contains more than 70 chapters, each divided into seven parts for easy comparison of different powder technologiesIncludes more than 400 figures and nearly 100 tables for concise snapshots of concepts in phenomena, equipment, and specific technologiesDiscusses newly developed areas such as simulation, surface analysis, and nanoparticlesProvides strategies applicable to problem-solving in wide range of scenariosUpdates and expands coverage by more than 30% and combines several former sections for easier reference The Powder Technology Handbook, Third Edition provides a comprehensive guide to powder technology while examining the fundamental engineering processes of particulate technology. The book offers a well-rounded perspective on powder technologies that extends from particle to powder and from basic problems to actual applications.Providing comprehensive coverage of powder/particle handling methods and unit operations, this handbook prepares the reader for solving new problems using an integrated approach. By presenting problems in wet processes and particles in liquids alongside those encountered with dry powder processes, it offers strategies for finding the optimal solutions to problems in any context. The book contains new sections on particle motion in fluids, design and formulation of composite particles, combustion and heating, electrostatic powder coating, attrition of a particle, breakage of aggregates, and the particle motion, rheology, and electrical properties of a powder bed. It also discusses recently developed areas of study such as simulation, surface analysis, and nanoparticles.Maintaining the standard of quality found in the previous bestselling editions, the third edition of the Powder Technology Handbook reflects the most recent advances and provides convenient access to processes and properties of particulate technology.

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