Principles of Taxation for Business & Investment Planning

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Data wydania: 2005
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ISBN: 978-0-07-124455-8
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Principles of Taxation for Business and Investment Planning, by Sally Jones is a different approach to the study of taxation from the traditional tax return preparation approach. This book teaches students to recognize the role taxes play in business and investment decisions. This textżs coverage of new tax regulations is updated yearly to reflect the latest changes in tax law. |The comprehensive cases in parts three through six require students to perform more in-depth analysis and decision skills, reinforcing the key concepts and decision-oriented focus of the text.|This text relates the study of financial theory to the study of taxation so students develop the ability to translate tax outcomes into cash flows. This offers a forward-looking, planning perspective rather than a compliance perspective. |Significant real world examples reinforce and illustrate key concepts. |Because students learn to evaluate the tax laws on the basis of both equity and efficiency, the book considers both the economic and social policy implications of various tax systems.|This text examines the structural framework of the federal income tax system to allow students to attain a sufficient level of tax knowledge appropriate for the introductory course, and to gain a frame of reference for understanding the technical details of taxation.|Extensive end-of-chapter material includes five types of problems:Questions and Problems for Discussion challenge students to think critically about conceptual and technical issues covered in the chapter. Application Problems give students practice in applying the technical material covered in the chapter.Issue Recognition Problems develop studentsż ability to recognize tax issues, while introducing the tax research process.Research Problems provide further opportunity for students to develop their analytic skills, as well as increase their exposure to tax research by utilizing a tax library.Tax Planning Cases put students in the role of a tax advisor and gives them the opportunity to integrate their tax knowledge into a business-planning framework.

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