Promotion Design That Works

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Data wydania: 2001
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ISBN: 978-1-56496-772-5
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Includes: -20 cutting-edge promotional campaigns with proven track records -Creative solutions to the challenges of promotion in today's saturated market -An insider's look at how great campaigns are born, executed, and implementedPromotion Design That Works takes good design advice a step further, and adds the kind of cross-media and marketing information that gives promotion designers and graphic designers the competitive edge.At a time when credibility is measured, in part, by the quality of a company's web presence, how does the promotion contribute to a company's communications strategy? This book answers that question and takes a look at the new realm of promotion design-cross media-in which promotions must thrive in a range of media that includes print, Web, broadcast, and direct mail.Get behind the scenes of today's cutting-edge promotional campaigns and find out how they were born, executed, and implemented. The promotions in these pages have succeeded because they linked pure graphic design with direct mail and marketing science.Some Featured Design Firms Include:Adams MoriokaDiesel DesignFossilPlazm MediaSayles Graphic DesignSquare One Design

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