Wydawnictwo: brak danych
Data wydania: 2004
Kategoria: Informatyczne
ISBN: 978-0-7440-0406-9
Liczba stron: 0
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Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy is an action/adventure game that utilizes traditional weapons combined with extensive Psi (mind) powers including: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, mind control, remote viewing, mind drain and aura view. Intense, fast-paced action with strategic decision-making and challenging puzzle elements. Eight huge and immersive levels spread throughout the world add to the intrigue and terrorist theme. Adaptive artificial intelligence makes enemies extremely aware of the player's actions and delivers more intense, realistic fighting. Multiple methods for solving missions. The non-linear design allows the gamer to conquer the mission in multiple ways, allowing for endless replay value. In addition to mind control powers, players have access to an arsenal of traditional weapons such as handguns, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, rocket launchers and grenades, which when combined with unique Psi powers, create an extraordinary and powerful game dynamic.Not Final Cover.

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