Okładka książki - Psychiatric Interview

Psychiatric Interview

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2004
Kategoria: Medycyna i zdrowie
ISBN: 978-0-7817-5186-5
Liczba stron: 0
Dodał/a książkę: Autor X

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Recommended in the Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals for the small medical library - April 2001 & 2003 This practical handbook is the only succinct "how-to" guide to the psychiatric diagnostic interview. In an engaging style with many clinical vignettes, Dr. Carlat outlines effective techniques for approaching threatening topics, improving patient recall, dealing with challenging patients, obtaining the psychiatric history, assessing specific disorders, educating the patient, and negotiating a treatment plan. FEATURES: Single authored, first-person "teaching style" Written in an engaging manner-full of didactic features that appeal to a variety of readers in training Clinical vignettes Key points Appendix section includes data forms, patient education handouts, and other practical, frequently needed information that readers can easily photocopy and carry NEW TO THIS EDITION: Updated chapters on the major psychiatric disorders include new vignettes and research findings relevant to diagnosis

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