Research Methods for Business Students

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-0-2737-0148-4
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In this book, Saunders et al address what are perhaps the two biggest problems in teaching Research Methods – getting students interested in methodology and theory and helping them to understand the practical relevance. Depth of coverage combined with an accessible style, a real practicality and a straightforward structure result in consistently good student and lecturer feedback. Saunders is an excellent book in terms of both coverage and clarity of expression and this 4th edition will go from strength to strength.Features in every chapter offer students practical guidance through the research process:- Worked Examples- Checklists- Progressing Your Research Project- Real life Case Studies Appendices are included on:- Systems of referencing- Example research project titles- Calculating the minimum sample size- Random sampling number tables.References and Further Reading are kept completely up to date.Students have free access to additional online resources including an SPSS tutorial with updated research datasets for practice, live web links and additional Case Studies.Lecturer support is available in the form of a downloadable Instructor's Manual & PowerPoint Slides.Optional accompanying OneKey resources offer editable testing materials within a course-management system such as Blackboard to help Lecturers keep track of their students’ progress and additional content and activities (including extra quants practice) and Research Navigator for students to reinforce what they’ve covered and revise.

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