Routledge Companion to Medieval Warfare

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Data wydania: 2007
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ISBN: 978-0-4154-1395-4
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This comprehensive volume provides easily accessible factual material on all major areas of warfare in the medieval west. The whole geographical area of medieval Europe, including Eastern Europe, is covered, including essential elements from outside Europe such as Byzantine warfare, nomadic horde invasions and the Crusades. Progressing chronologically, the work is presented in themed, illustrated sections, with a narrative outline offering a brief introduction to the area. Within each chronological section, Jim Bradbury presents clear and informative pieces on battles, sieges, and generals. Readable and engaging, this detailed work makes use of archaeological information and includes clear discussions of controversial issues. The author examines practical topics including castle architecture, with examinations of specific castles, ship building techniques, improvements in armour, specific weapons, and developments in areas such as arms and armour, fortifications, tactics and supply

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