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Signs of God

Wydawnictwo: inne
Data wydania: 2005
Kategoria: Socjologia, filozofia
ISBN: 978-0-7546-4030-1
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Signs of God reveals why discussion of the nature of miracles is of central rather than marginal importance where belief in God is concerned. Miracles cannot be shunted to one side as an embarrassing hangover from a 'pre-scientific age'. Miracles have played an important role in the history of all the major world religions, and many religious believers claim that they continue to do so. Yet they have also been criticized from a philosophical viewpoint as incompatible with a belief in laws of nature, and those who seek to have their religious beliefs properly attuned to the modern world often prefer to do without them. This accessible book examines the nature of miracles both in philosophical and historical terms, and concludes that, whether or not miracles happen, it is difficult to see how religious belief could survive without them.'Mark Corner is dealing with a topic which is of perennial interest and he does so by reference to the classic discussions in the modern period. The subject matter guarantees that there will be a wide interest in the topic: the issue of miracles is central to Christian theology. I have no doubt that this is just the kind of book that many theology tutors would want to put into the hands of their students to enable them to grapple with the issues. Combining a look at the philosophical issues raised - what is a miracle, laws of nature, miracle and providence - with biblical and church traditions, this is a book which will offer a much more ready entry into discussions for many students than many of the standard text books.' Christopher Rowland, Dean Ireland Professor of Exegesis of Holy Scripture, Queen's College, Oxford 'This book offers a well-informed and accessible guide to the subject of miracles for students and a wider public. Mark Corner's study of the nature of miracles is a careful, sane and comprehensive study of an important area of religious belief, which is often inhabited by deeply implausible speculation, in theory and in practice. He offers a rational and coherent account of the basic elements of the subject - the nature of miracles, the seminal work of Aquinas and Hume, resurrection and theodicy, the Bible, miracles in the Church and in the modern world.' George Newlands, Professor of Divinity, University of Glasgow, UK

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