Structured Products Volume 2

Wydawnictwo: angielskie
Data wydania: 2005
Kategoria: Ekonomia
ISBN: 978-0-470-82167-1
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Structured Products Volume 2 consists of 5 Parts and 21 Chapters covering equity derivatives (including equity swaps/options, convertible securities and equity linked notes) , commodity derivatives (including energy, metal and agricultural derivatives), credit derivatives (including credit linked notes/collateralised debt obligations ("CDOs")), new derivative markets (including inflation linked derivatives and notes, insurance derivatives, weather derivatives, property, bandwidth/telephone minutes, macro-economic index and emission/environmental derivatives ) and tax based applications of derivatives. It also covers the structure and evolution of derivative markets including electronic trading markets and the origins, evolution and prospects for derivative markets. EQUITY LINKED STRUCTURES 1 Equity Derivatives - Equity Futures; Equity Options/Warrants & Equity Swaps 2. Convertible Securities 3. Structured Convertible Securities 4. Equity Linked Notes 5. Equity Derivatives - Investor Applications 6. Equity Capital Management - Corporate Finance Applications of Equity Derivatives COMMODITY LINKED STRUCTURES 7. Commodity Derivatives - Commodity Futures/Options, Commodity Swaps and Commodity Linked Notes 8. Commodity Derivatives - Energy (Oil, Natural Gas and Electricity) Markets 9. Commodity Derivatives - Metal Markets 10. Commodity Derivatives - Agricultural and Other Markets CREDIT DERVIATIVES 11. Credit Derivative Products 12. Credit Linked Notes/Collateralised Debt Obligations 13. Credit Derivatives/Default Risk - Pricing and Modelling 14. Credit Derivatives - Applications/Markets NEW MARKETS 15. Inflation Indexed Notes and Derivatives. 16. Alternative Risk Transfer/Insurance Derivatives 17. Weather Derivatives 18. New Markets - Property; Bandwidth; Macro-Economic and Environmental Derivatives 19. Tax and Structured Derivatives Transactions EVOLUTION OF DERIVATIVES MARKETS 20. Electronic Markets and Derivatives Trading 21. Financial Derivatives - Evolution and Prospects

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