Ted Levitt on Marketing

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Data wydania: 2006
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ISBN: 978-1-42210-206-0
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Ted Levitt is one of the most widely respected thinkers in the field of marketing and management. His work and writings have changed the way scores of companies think about their businesses, organize for innovation and creativity, and market their products and services. Now, managers can have access to the best of Levitt's thinking over the last five decades in "Ted Levitt on Marketing". Framed by a new introduction, this book features seminal articles, including "Marketing Success Through Differentiation," "The Globalization of Markets," "After the Sale Is Over," and "Marketing Myopia." A must-have resource for managers and marketers in any industry, this "Harvard Business Review Paperback" book is filled with big ideas and practical tools for creating and sustaining a company's competitive edge.

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