Terrorism & Disaster

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Data wydania: 2003
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ISBN: 978-0-521-82606-8
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This new book follows on from Ursano et al.'s earlier title Individual and Community Responses to Trauma and Disaster to expand the focus on terrorism as a particular type of disaster. There is widespread belief amongst professionals that terrorism (and torture) produce the highest rates of psychiatric sequelae of all the types of disaster. The traumatic effects of terrorism are also not limited to the direct victims only; they extend to families, helpers, communities and even regions far from the affected site. The editors have assembled the world's experts to examine the effects of terrorism, assessing lessons learned from recent atrocities such as 9/11, the Tokyo sarin attack, Omagh, et cetera. They look at issues of prevention, individual and organizational intervention, the effect of leadership, the effects of technological disasters and bioterrorism/contamination. This is essential reading for all professionals working in trauma and disaster planning.* Cutting-edge, expert account of the lessons learned from the most recent terrorist attacks* Looks at prevention, intervention, the impact of leadership and the effects of contamination* Examines the similarities and the differences between the effects of different types of disaster'Comprehensive, scholarly, gripping reading. This is a SUPERB book. This volume is the most comprehensive, scholarly and well-done book covering the entire range of traumata and disasters ... Material never before presented in such a readable and definitive form.'Margaret T. Singer'A sterling compilation of authors and researches ... this book will establish a new gold standard for mental health responses to traumatic effects.' Terence Keane'By bridging social and medical sciences Individual and Community Responses to Terrorism and Disaster will appeal to a wide multidisciplinary readership and it can be recommended as a valuable resource.' British Medical Journal'I read this book with much pleasure. It is a real addition to the existiing literature ... thoughtful ... state of the art ... both a handbook and a practical guide ...'.Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD, Former President, International Traumatic Stress Society

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